Mini Musings – Heartbreak

Back Ground Pic Courtesy – Pinterest
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Book Review: Personality Plus by Florence Littauer


This book was presented to me as a wedding gift by one of my cousins a year and half back. Being a fan of fiction and sci-fi, I always had other books that took precedence over this one in my to-read list, and hence the delay. There are many reasons (pros and cons) as to why I rated this book a 7 out of 10.

Pros: This book categorizes people into four different personalities/temperaments. Out of the these four, one can be a mix of everything, or dominant by one type with the mix of the other types, or just one type out of four. We need to find where we fit in by taking a test in the beginning, before we delve much further into the book.

The author not only highlighted about the strengths of each temperament but also on how to work on the weaknesses. She also highlights on how people with different temperaments can help each other. Examples of experiences from her own life and her husband’s, with added humor, is like a bonus. So, in short this book not only helps us to understand ourselves but to also to understand others as well.

This book changes our perspective towards deeming ourselves or others. It teaches us to be less judgmental and more appreciative of ones individuality. While this book braces the saying “Perfection is an Illusion”, it also endorses the principle of “continuous striving for betterment and excellence”.

Personally, my husband and I found this book interesting as we could read about ourselves.
My husband being a mix of Peaceful Phlegmatic(dominance) and popular sanguine, and me being a mix of all temperaments with Perfect Melancholy dominance, had hard time in reaching to an agreed decision on few things. This book made things easier by letting us know the way to reach the common grounds.

Cons: The first problem comes when a reader takes the personality test to decide which temperament he/she fits into. Majority would be a mix, so its quite arduous to reach to that conclusion. The test in itself is pretty extensive. Personally, I kind of lost interest right there as I seemed to fit into all four temperaments. It took quite a lot of time for me to conclude my
dominance type. Though the book states that its common for some people to have a mix of temperaments, it still fails to instill attentiveness to all kind of readers for this very reason.

I felt like the entire book’s content could have been summarized in 30 pages. Repetitions crept in and many times I felt like I was reading the same thing again and again. A few strengths and weaknesses have been generalized as acceptable while they are outright atrocious.

To conclude, this book’s take-away is to accept who we are. It stresses on the point that we need to relish the traits that makes us unique while continuously striving to become
a better being. This book is a definite self-help book for me, but that would not be the case for everyone else.

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Mini Musings – Mother Nature

This beautiful drone picture is captured by my little brother during his mini trip to Singiri Kona.
Located about 45kms from our hometown, Tirupati, India.

Photo Credits: thetravelpixels Link:

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Mini Musings – Dusk

This picture was from the trip to Lake Ozarks

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Poem for Prompt Challenge

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Catastrophe – 24 hour prompt challenge entry for writersaroundtheworld on Instagram

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Tea Time Drawings – Art inspiration from Instagram

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Mini Musings – Mountains

This beautiful picture was captured by my little brother during his trip to Leh-Ladakh, India. The lake with the beautiful mountains in the backdrop is Lake Pangong.

Photo Credits : thetravelpixels Link :

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Book Review : Love, Loss and What We Ate by Padma Lakshmi

Unquestionably a good read. This memoir sketches a wonderful art on life of an immigrant and who thrived through struggles and fame. It just augmented my respect for @padmalakshmi . There is a real character which we missed amidst a good actor, beautiful model, a perfect judge and a wonderful host. The parts of the book which connected to me are the ones which includes her life in India and about her family; this brings in the heavy nostalgic feels of innumerable kinds. Especially her childhood days in India are closely relatable. Bonus: we get few Padma Lakshmi recipes in the book as we flow through different chapters.

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Book Review: The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre by Carson Levine.

*8/10 Definitely a good read. Took really a long time to complete the first quarter of the book. Just when I was thinking fantasy reads are no more interesting , the female centric story takes an interesting turn and I ended up completing the rest of the book in two days.
And yes fantasy reads are not just for kids.
Definitely a good read. And those who love poetry would read this one a hundred times.

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